• MUSD is decentralized peer-to-peer, based on Ethereum blockchain.

• MUSD uses blockchain, so no one controls your finances.

• MUSD protects investors from losing all their money.

• Shop and pay your services and products using MUSD.

• Anyone who owns MUSD will find a variety of fields to use it.

• MUSD the only token has a minimum price at Pre-ICO price.

• MUSD is the project you can invest without any worries.


The main goal of MUSD project is to solve two main problems in the cryptocurrency market.

The first problem is that the pricing for tokens or coins may drop to a price lower than the ICO/IEO price, this leads to a great loss for investors.

The second problem is that most coins/tokens have no value outside its trading platforms.


We defining the lowest price of MUSD at the Pre-ICO price, by this way you will never see the price under Pre-ICO price.

Anyone who owns MUSD will find a variety of fields to use them, not only trading and exchanges but also it can be use to shop and pay your services and products.

MUSD project will provide payment solution allow any website to accept MUSD.

Cinque Terre

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For Android and iOS

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre


MUSD can be used to shop online or exchange cryptocurrency.

Pay with MUSD

With MUSD you can pay for your favorite products and services, such as and not limited to:

Domain name.
Web hosting.
VPS & dedicated server.
Men’s fashion & women’s fashion
Mobile accessories.
Hotel reservation.
Book airline tickets.

Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet.

With multi Cryptocurrency wallet you can:

Send & receive MUSD.
Store and manage your MUSD.
Exchange MUSD to others cryptocurrency with low fees.
View balance, see transaction history.

IEO & Exchanges

MUSD is listing in Vindax exchange.
Additional exchanges will coming soon.

Trade MUSD
More exchanges coming soon

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